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  • Huimei Lai (aka Vernna)

    Ikebana Instructor

    Emeritus Program

    San Diego College of Continuing Education


    In 2005, Vernna and her family emigrated from Taiwan to the San Francisco Bay Area.  Growing up in Taiwan, a beautiful country deeply influenced by Japan, Vernna naturally developed a yearning and love for Japanese culture. 


    After relocating to San Diego in 2015, Vernna plunged headfirst into the learning of ikebana.  Her instructor was none other than the Grand Master of Ohara-ryu, Akiko Bourland sensei.  Under Sensei’s dedicated teaching and her own efforts, Vernna won widespread recognition from her teacher and peers.  She has recently received her Third Term Master certificate from Ohara Headquarter and was hired as an instructor of Ikebana at the San Diego College of Continuing Education.  


    Vernna is active in many Ikebana associations, such as San Diego Wabi Chapter of the Ohara School of Ikebana, for which she currently serves as the President, Ikebana International San Diego Chapter #119, and North American Ohara Teachers Association. 


    Vernna is also enthusiastic in serving the Taiwanese American communities and is currently appointed as Adviser of the Overseas Community Affairs Council of Taiwan by the Minister.  Besides ikebana, she also studied Japanese tea ceremony.

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    San Diego College of Continuing Education


    Ohara San Diego Wabi Chapter

    Ohara School of Ikebana

    Japan Headquarters







    Ikebana International

    San Diego Chapter #119


    Ikebana International

    North & Central American Region



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